Ptah Council

Chairman’s Message

As a young boy growing up I was naturally creative, I have craftsmanship abilities and was able to create anything from the natural materials that surrounded me then. This is a skill that I continue to apply today.

Amongst the many experiences, I recall making scooters and go karts from wood that I found laying around, while using ball bearings as wheels. Also with music as an interest, I found myself making guitars and drums from natural materials.

In school I gravitated towards carpentry and joinery, and after I left school, I went into construction, specialising in first and second fix.

It was clear that I liked to build things, and there was a high level of appreciation that I felt from seeing a building being constructed from the foundation upwards.

I am a craftsman by nature, who in my studies of Egyptian culture from an early age, took a particular liking to the deity known as Ptah.


Why is my experience relevant?

Ptah in ancient Egyptian culture, is associated to craftsmanship and architecture, the creator of all things, so it was no wonder why he stood out to me, more than all the other deities, who were equally recognised as representatives of a specific set of principles.

From a personal development point of view, and as a human being myself, I recognise the positive impact that building firm foundations can have on the self esteem and confidence of individuals, and the teams, families, groups that they belong to, as well as have equally witnessed the negative results of building on weak foundations, which I see on a day to day basis, particularly in the black community on a global scale.

At the core of every human beings full potential are basic needs which in my opinion, revolves around food, shelter, clothing, and complimented by history, economics and health.

This thought is what gave birth to the PTAH Council Awards concept, which fast forward to 2015 in a meeting attended by myself, the current Secretary and Treasurer, we decided that we’d make the focus of the Awards, talented black individuals in the community whose significant contributions, prior to the PTAH Council Awards, went unrecognised or weren’t recognised enough, which in my opinion affected and will continue to affect the moral climate of the community on a global scale, if allowed to continue.

Through time, we the PTAH Council added another dimension to the concept, by making P.T.A.H an acronym for ‘Partnership Through Ancestral Heritage‘.

Partnerships continue to be achieved through the forming of strategic relationships with organisations and bodies who value our mission. Ancestral Heritage is achieved through the bridging of gaps between generations, therefore assisting the transference of knowledge from one generation to another.

This year will be our first International Black Carpet Awards Ceremony, one of many leading into the future, for which we recognise that every member of the community is a building block that can add to the legacy that was built years ago, that just needs to be realised.

This is the purpose of the PTAH Council.  

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